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and it saves american lives. >> yes, that whole argument around cost was the argument that candidate obama made around the iraq war. here, we face a situation where you listed the costs there in treasure. that budget is about $600 billion a year in looking at his insulation of hagel. they are going to have to preside over a foreign policy that is much different over these last decades. in some ways, i think, the republican doctrine of foreign policy which is about this bush doctrine. there's a lot of disagreement, even among republicans about the cost of war and whether or not americans should be spending time. i think you have, with obama, this idea, now, that there should be nation building at home. that's why this is very much a historic day in sort of underscoring what's going to be the obama doctrine, a foreign policy going forward. isn't that the thing? the undoing of the bush doctrine? >> we are, reverend. and nia is right. it is a historic day. most americans don't have skin in the game. and we all know the troops. just the past year alone in afghanistan, there have been 60 of our troop
in to meet barack obama. around 58,000 american troops are still serving there. the french president has vowed to stop the advance of al qaeda revels in mali. french troops have already arrived. witnesses are saying that they have touched the darman the french planes have been reportedly flying in the area. some soldiers were already stationed in the country for training services as a part of an agreement. this is coming after they pushed the army out of the town 600 kilometers northeast. it was some of the fiercest fighting since the of qaeda-led group began taking control nine months ago. >> the terrorists have recently regrouped on a line that artificially separates north and south mali. they want to strike a fatal blow to the very existence. we cannot accept this. we're facing an aggression. i have decided france is ready to act on behalf of our african partner request of the authority. this is strictly within the u.n. security council. this is the requirement of solidarity and responsibility. four rebels in the central african republic say they will observe a week-long cease-fire as
. >> the international forces, the american forces, will be no longer present in afghan villages, but the task will be that of the afghan forces to provide for the afghan people -- >> right now there are 66,000 american troops there. president obama would not give a precise number of how many will remain after next year. >>> here in the bay area several homes on the peninsula were evacuated because a gas leak. the leak was reported about 10:00 a.m. on the 1100 block of there in hillsborough. pg&e says a contractor hit a one inch natural gas line to a home. people who live in the homes nearby have been evacuated while crews work to cap that leak. >>> health officials are forecasting a severe flu season in the u.s., prompting doctors here to advise people to get their flu shots now. the cdc says this season's on track to be the worse in a decade. so far california is still among a few states without widespread flu. bay area health officials predict the peak of flu season will hit california in the coming weeks. if you have not already done so doctors recommend getting a flu shot now. they say it
forces because if they're not, the president's not going to have american forces sitting throughout as sitting ducks waiting for the taliban to attack them directly. >> ambassador, "the new york times" reported today that when considering troop levels, obama asked advisers to basically ask themselves one question. is such a force necessary to carry out the narrow counterterrorism objective and training mission the u.s. envisions for post-war afghanistan? when you look around the world at where we are and where we are not, we are not in syria, we are going in to mali to counterterrorism and al qaeda there, is it safe to say that his plans for afghanistan are essentially the plans for his entire foreign policy, that we'll be focusing primarily now on narrow ct operations? >> no doubt that the president has wanted to get out of afghanistan, the american people want to get out of afghanistan. there's bipartisan support to pull the plug, to basically pivot towards asia. it's been the doctrine, the obama dk trin to essentially accomplish the goal of getting american troops off the ground
. we expect president obama will make his case to the american public not long after that. >> the un security council is holding emergency talks on the crisis in mali. 30 soldiers have been killed after a bottle with rebels in the north of the country. fighters have to push the rebels out. the crisis began in march of last year when a coup allowed rebels to seize the north of the country. they are demanding an independent homeland. let's take you to the united nations. james joins us from there. what is it of the security council is discussing. >> they are discussing what to do about this and syria situation -- this serious situation. they have been meeting for an hour. this has only been decided on in the last couple hours as they realize the severity of the situation. it is nine months since the group of rebel groups took northern mali, some with links to out-of. this is the heaviest fighting since nine months ago. they are pushing forward, and it is reported they have taken some 50,000 people, and that is moving to the center, causing deep concern among the security council. they
everything they can to strip americans of their right to keep and bear arms. >> president obama will likely reveal new ideas to reduce gun violence next week. among them, may include a ban on assault weapons and a national gun database. >>> looks like california's budget nightmare may finally be over for a while. we have gone from a $25 billion deficit to a slight surplus. governor brown rolled out his spending proposal today. it includes a general fund of $97.7 billion. it features an increase in spending for education, transportation, even a rainy day fund. cbs 5 reporter grace lee joins us from the newsroom and explains how the proposal represents the beginning of this new era, we hope. grace. >>> reporter: we have been talking about the bad times for so long it really is a new era. this is a governor who repeatedly has talked about fiscal discipline, even when things are starting to look good for california this year. so his message today is that that deficit may be gone but we still have a wall of debt to pay back from the hard years. an
americans not just the obama administration has a sincere concern. lou: then they have to be honest. each involves a young man that was mentally disturbed and a society that refuses to a acknowledge that. we have used up our time on one topic. this may galvanize the attention of the public. come back soon. lou: an update on a court battle of deal summit in london in court and by the government does not want you to look. john bolton will weigh and about the president's big meeting. and stay with us. you love believe who was honored as father of the year. body art. many of my patients clean their dentures with toothpaste. i tell them dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria d helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why i recommend using polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. [ male announ
of mass shootings. virginia tech and aurora and connecticut. but i think americans not just the obama administration has a sincere concern. lou: then they have to be honest. each involves a young man that was mentally disturbed and a society that refuses to a acknowledge that. we have used up our time on one topic. this may galvanize the attention of the public. come back soon. lou: an update on a court battle of deal summit in london in court and by the government does not want you to look. john bolton will weigh and about the president's big meeting. and stay with us. you love believe who was honored as father of the year. body art. it is deep psychological. next. lou: in the nationwide influence outbreak getting worse by the day. now there are shortages of the vaccine and treatment for children. for addis six vaccines have been run out and roche says it has a shortage of the liquid form and glaxo smithkline says it could run out by mid february. the outbreak spreads to three more states. montana, south dakota and arizona reporting widespread flu activity bring the total number of s
to outlaw automatic weapons. >> indeed. >> a couple years ago barack obama got into trouble when he said some americans cling to their guns. what we're seeing now is that he was right. maybe he didn't say it the right way, but we are. whether it's five, ten, 15%, 20%, they cling to their guns, they buy the fearmongering and the nr a, rush bim law, and more importantly the gun manufacturers are all preying on these people and trying to get them all whiped up -- >> the satisfiest bet in american life, the safest bet in american life, more safe than i have to tell you than savings bonds or tea bonds, the safest bet is that we will have as many guns or more 20 or 30 years from now as we have now. that is the safest surest bet in american life and it's sad. anybody who bets against that is wasting our time and should go see a doctor. >> this a moment where there's a chance, there is a greater chance now than there has been in the last ten years -- >> the magazine capacities will be limited. >> maybe. but, chris, even increasing the social aprobe yam against mass gun ownership it drives the pe
credibility with kind of average americans so, if the obama administration could get them onboard with some sort of gun control and they would call it common sense, of course, gun control. that would be huge. it's unclear whether or not that is going to happen, but i think it's very likely that's what the white house hopes to do. >> you wrote -- you wrote in your piece on this. walmart cooperated with michael bloomberg. bloomberg is a gun hater. he wants to control all guns, i believe he wants to ban all guns. i wasn't really sure. walmart's not going to ban all guns. the administration's not going to ask him to do that. >> you're right. absolutely right. walmart is thought of as this conservative company. but as you know, larry, big business tends to benefit from regulation. and, in fact, walmart already complies with bloomberg's. he has this thing where walmart is already voluntarily complying with onerous regulations voluntarily. so if they were -- let's just pie in the sky here. let's say they came out in favor of closing the gun loophole. that means i couldn't sell you a gun, for examp
in afghanistan. that's also the key issue today between president obama and hamid karzai in their meetings. despite his request for a large american residual force after 2014, karzai recently told nbc's atia that afghan troops are ready to take over. >> on the question of the readiness, the preparedness of the afghan security forces, they are quite ready. i can say with confidence to handle the security of the country, the trust of this country and to receive the full transition to them in 2014, rather, in 2013 and to have the departure of the foreign forces from afghanistan completed in 2014. zoom a strong advocate for chuck hagel for the pentagon job. general, welcome. thank you very much. >> nice to be with you. thank you. >> tell me why you think chuck hagel is the right person for this job despite all the controversy that has been raised about what he said about israel in the past and iran in the past, criticisms of some of his other statements certainly the statements about gay americans. >> i think for two, maybe three reasons. first of all, he is a very solid, sound thinker. he has
over. the obama administration floated the idea of removing american troops all together. president karzai met with secretary of state clinton last night over dinner. and joe biden plans to deliver recommendations from the gun control task force to the president on tuesday. yesterday, the vice president met with representatives on various sides of the issue. the former head of a movie industry group argued movies aren't behind the violence. the nra step ahead way from discussions and said they were in attack of second amendment. dan lothian has been following developments for us this morning. sol folks said they see some consensus in some areas. when you listen to what the nra said, they sounded very disappointed with the meetings. >> that's right. we sort of expect thad coming in. it wasn't a very big, bold expectation from the nra, saying they were coming to simply listen to what the administration had to put out there. the vice president did talk about some things floating to the top. not recommendations that come from him, but recommendations he said coming from all the various
term we could see a less cautious obama and nominating someone who is openly gay or african-american justice or first asian justice. that would be exciting to consider. >> jennifer: it will be exciteing to see. thank you so much. we love having you inside "the war room." now you know what would make almost everything we just talked about a whole heck of a lot easier? filibuster reform. that story is next. it's one you'll only find in "the war roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very, very excited about that and very proud of that. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning. >>liberal and proud of it. >> jennifer: senate majority harry reid wants filibuster reform so he he can confirm appointments without a single lone senator threatening to bring the whole chamber to a halt. in recent years they have perfecterred u
americans from buying guns. >> evangelical pastor chosen to give the benediction for president obama's inaugural after anti-gay remarks surfaced. he says prayer would be overshadowed by his past comments. the president will use two bibles for his swearing. he will use both martin luther king travels bible and the one used by president lincoln. mr. obama used it four years ago. >> president obama nominated his chief of staff jack lew to serve as next treasury-secretary. he touted his past work. the budget ran a surplus during his tha time. he is going to replace tim geithner. >> if confirmed i look forward to joining the treasury department whose people are legendary with skill knowledge. >> lew became president obama's chief of staff last year and has a reputation of a tough bargainer but republicans say he has been too unyielding in past negotiations. >> it nearly fell through because of lew's signature. you can see it. that signature would appear on all u.s. paper money if he is confirmed. president obama said he never noticed it at before, he quote, considered rescinding the offer
is that it presented issues to the american people where a clear contrast existed between president obama and governor romney. the issue of how women should be treated in our society while governor romney wanted them placed in binders only to be taken o down for special occasions, the president held the radical point of view they should all be treated equal toy men. the american people heard the two arguments and they seem to have made their choice but it does seem apparent not everyone has accepted said choice. one of those who chose to not listen to the american people, former g.o.p. vice vice president america's sweetheart, paul don't call me eddie munster ryan. ryan is one of 17 congressmen cosponsoring the sanctity of human life act. a bill that believes all humans are sacred, sponsored by all pro death penalty politicians which gives a human zygote all of the privileges of personhood. the republicans who support the bills again support the death penalty so they're pro some life. by the way if life begins at conception and the drinking age should begin at 20 years three months. a similar personho
now a very critical meeting agains between president obama and hamid karzai. as kyla campbell reports the outcome could determine how many american troops come home this year. kyla. >> reporter: dave more than 60,000 u.s. troops are in afghanistan right now. president obama has not determined how many will leave the middle east this year. the u.s. war on terror in afghanistan officially ends next year. u.s. and nato forces are set to leave by the year of 2014. this year afghan forces are supposed to take the lead in security and that means thousands of u.s. traps could return home. but president obama is open to keeping anywhere from 3,000 to 15,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. after the end of the war next year. the u.s. leaders want to make sure afghan officials can run their government and security without america's help. plus the pentagon wants karzai's word that the afghan security forces will keep the taliban from setting up shop as soon as the u.s. pulls out its troops. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: keep in mind secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary of defense leon panet
that mr. obama has not chosen any african americans for his cabinet. that is one of the things i wanted to say. host: from twitter -- bob is next from colorado on the republican line. caller: good morning. i wanted to encourage everybody to watch the interview on the new book. she takes to of the way down into the late 1980's and 1990's and how all of the banking and real-estate debacle happened. regarding the previous caller's comments about the revolving door, these guys are all of the same old. they are all in it together. these guys created this problem, and they are going around and around. the taxpayers are paying for it. i would encourage everybody to pay attention to it. host: the you have anything to add about mr. timothy geithner specifically? callerwe are asking about his tt the treasury department? do you have anything about his time serve that you went to credit or discredit? caller: i would just say that as far as specific actions, i do not have an example of that. i would say he is in the revolving door that the previous caller talked about. these guys are all in at this
. >> on treasury secretary. yesterday president obama assured the world that the american dollar is, in fact, safe. >> i had never noticed jack's signature. and when this was highlighted yesterday in the press, i considered rescinding my offer to appoint him. jack assures me that he is going to work to make at least one lett lett letter legible, should he be confirmed as secretary of treasury. >> this is what his signature would actually look like on the dollar bill. that's just awful. >> is it third grade when they focus on your handwriting skills and penmanship? maybe he can sit in on a class. >> the treasury secretary wants to audit your class. >>> nine minutes past the hour. yesterday we brought you the life or death drama of these whales trapped by ice. today, my gosh, i was over the moon when i heard the update on this. we have such good news to share. obviously you know what it is. but we'll share more details coming up sdp. >>> and the young boy who vanished nearly 20 years ago, found alive and well. [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!!
the approach of obama of turning them into literally the enemy of the american people. >> neil: $4 billion a day. >> it is time got a back gene. they are cower. they he should be more scared of being primaried and losing their seat. whether they lose to a more conservative republican or democrat they will lose if they don't stand up. they should be a little bit concerned about the fact that we are headed at breakneck pace towards greece. they are so scared of the blame game and being portrayed as the big villains of the american people. that is what scares them. >> neil: we need a flu shot needles. like a long one. >> time to face down these attacks. >> neil: thank you very much. certainly i'm not -- i know the money going in and the money going out. there is a lot more money going out and you can't solve it with just a lot more tax money coming in. you got to address the money going out and we are not doing it at all. just about the only problem boeing dreamliner hasn't had this week. a snake on one of its planes. how the heck did this python hold on? ♪ come on and take a free ride ♪
not heard that outcry. the balloon is still floating. president obama is meeting with president karzai tomorrow. but it has also revealed where american politics are. in year 12 of this war. nobody is outraged by the prospect of it being all the way over. nobody is shooting this balloon down. now it is time for "the last word with lawrence odonnell". >> the nra met its worst nightmare today and his name is joe biden. >> the nra is a friend of freedom. >> i want to thank the national rifle association. >> they do a terrific job. >> we have the craziest people. >> too much weaponry in all the wrong hands. >> but there are also thing that is we know. >> he has a lot of friends on the hill. >> the vice president's task force powwow. >> there is no room. >> not to give an inch of ground. >> there is no room for compromise. >> we have another school shooting in taft, california at the same moment the nra is at the white house. >> they want change it is simple. >> more guns are not the answer. >> no one hunts with an assault rifle. >> the newtown tragedy, tucson and the movie theater massacre
is still floating. president obama is meeting with president karzai tomorrow. but it has also revealed where american politics are. in year 12 of this war. nobody is outraged by the prospect of it being all the way over. balloon down. "first look" is up next. >>> good friday morning. right now on "first look," vice president joe biden readies his gun control recommendations for president obama. >>> major concern among top military brass that budget cuts and hiring freezes could create a department of defense with a hollow force. >>> government sting. the dea set up our own secret service agents with prostitutes. >>> all that, plus, the growing flu epidemic, one year after the costa concordia accident, and the return of the water skiing squirrel. >>> good morning. vice president biden continues to hold meetings as the head of the administration's gun control traffic force. biden met with gun control advocates as well as retailers. while participants described the meetings as open and frank, the nra had harsh words for the president afterwards. >> the administration was able to check the
weapons and high volume magazines. i want to see president obama increasing federal funding for mental health treatment for all americans who need it. meanwhile, there's another school shooting today in california. a 16-year-old reportedly felt he was being bullied was accused of attempted murder. the student took direct aim and hit one classmate in taft union high school. he then aimed specifically at another classmate and then missed. kyung lah is in california with the latest. every time you hear these stories right now, a shudder comes with it because of what happened at sandy hook. what do we actually know about what happened here? >> we're learning, actually, a little more. police officers just briefed us in the last hour or so. what they're telling us is that the 16-year-old shooter actually planned this, began the planning of it last night. he took the shotgun from his home, the home he's living it. it belongs to his brother, his 19-year-old brother, and the atf now tracking the registration. he then got the rounds. he went to bed, knew he was going to go in late. he went into
, as if it were not in, any more for the wealthiest americans who received their money from running hedge funds. and that is continued. >> let's in with the legacy of the outgoing legacy of the timothy geithner air. president obama praised his time in office. >> thanks to his steady hand, our economy has been growing again for the past three years, our businesses have created nearly 6 million new jobs. the money we spend to save the financial system has largely been paid back. we put in place rules to prevent that kind of financial meltdown from ever happening again. an auto industry was saved. we made sure taxpayers are not on the hook if the biggest firms bail again. we have taken steps to help underwater homeowners come up for air and open new markets to sell american goods overseas. and we have begun to reduce our deficit through a balanced mix of spending cuts and reforms to a tax code that at the time we both came in, was too skewed in favor of the wealthy at the expense of middle-class americans. so when the history books are written, tim geithner is going to go down as one of our finest
private dealers to run background checks on all buyers at gun shows and see president obama for increasing mental health funding for all americans who need it. meanwhile another shooting in california. a 16-year-old who said he was bull lid attempted murder. took aim and hit one student in taft high school. he then aimed specifically at another classmate but missed. our reporter is live with the latest. kyung, every time you hear these stories break now, a shudder comes with it because of what happened at sandy hook. what do we know about what happened here? >> reporter: we're learning actually a little bit more. police officers just briefed us, piers, within the last hour or so. what they're telling us is that the 16-year-old shooter actually planned this, began the planning of it last night. he took the shotgun from his home, the home he's living in. it belongs to his brother, his 19-year-old brother. and the atf right now are tracking the exact registration of the shotgun. he then got the rounds. he went to bed, he knew that he would come to school late, slip in through a side door. pol
obama signed it. in retaliation, the russian government passed a bill that prohibits americans from adopting russian children and president vladimir putin before signing it at a news conference was quite angry about the bill that our government passed. he said who is the united states to condemn us about human rights when it got guantanamo? it remains a blight on our reputation and one that we waste an awful lot of money and an awful lot of credibility to keep open. it seems like, a 11 years into it, it has become we said we will do it and we will do it whether it makes sense or not. we've got people on the other side of the city who have made the decision that guantanamo will remain open. congress has a 9% approval rating. a poll came out last week were in addition to say 9% of the american public approves congress opposing guantanamo, it also asked people which is more favorable -- congress and the number of choices and congress are ranked behind a root canal and head lice. but ahead of gonorrhea and the kardashians. when bush signed the order in november of 2001 that authorized t
president obama will get hig working group's recommend ailses on curbing gun violence by tuesday. around the time joe biden was making the statements, news broke on the latest american school shooting. a male student was shot in the chest allegedly by another male student armed with a shot gunn at the taft union high school in kern county, california, about 120 miles north of l.a. the alleged shooter is said to be 16 years old. he's alive and in custody. his victim is said to be in critical but stable condition. a teacher who reportedly helped convince the shooter to surrender was lightly wounded with a shotgun pellet and refused treatment at the scene. now, back at the white house vice president biden sat down today with hunters sportsmen and gun owner's groups including the nra the real victims in all of this gun violence, as part of his fact-finding mission for the president. before the doors closed, he told reporter what's heard from gun control groups and law enforcement thus far. >> there is a surprising -- so far, a surprising recurrence of suggestions that we have universal backg
, the american people expect and deserve action. >> panetta, who is stepping down as defense secretary, said the budget cuts may require furloughs for nearly 800,000 civilian employees in the department. >>> well, today president obama is scheduled to meet with afghan president hamid karzai at the white house. the two men are expected to focus on what role the u.s. will have in afghanistan after its troop withdrawal in 2014. last night the afghan president sat down for dinner with secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary panetta. earlier, panetta spoke optimistically about the u.s. entering its final chapter of the war. >> we have poured a lot of blood and treasure in this war over the last ten years. the fact is that we have also made a lot of progress as a result of the sacrifices that have been made. and we're not going to walk backward from what's been accomplished. >> the stronger position we take in showing that we are going to continue to complete this mission, the better the chances we have to ultimately achieve political reconciliation. >> during a photo op with senate minor
you. >> america described it as the final chapter in afghanistan. president obama downsized out of the ambitions, winding down the war that is increasingly unpopular at home. this is not the final chapter. that is just that americans have grown wary about spending the money and spilling the blood. >>> for more on the future of the u.s. mission, i spoke a short time ago with the former u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. ambassador, thank you very much for coming in. president obama says that things are going so well he can actually speed up the transition. are the afghan security forces really ready to take over in the spring or is this more a matter of expediency for both countries? >> i think this has been a good summit reaching compromises of the two leaders and it is a good foundation for moving forward, but there are a lot of details to still be worked out to see whether some of the assumptions made, how they will pan out in reality. one of those is the performance of the afghan security forces as they take the lead overall and the country and the u.s. moves to a support role.
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constitution. i also thanked the president and those sacrifices of american men and women in uniform and those of other countries. accordingly, i also informed the president obama of the sacrifices of the afghan people, the immense sacrifices of the afghan people in the past ten years, for the servicemen and of the afghan people. going back to afghanistan this evening to bring to the afghan people the news of afghanistan spending shorter and shorter with america as a sovereign independent country, but in cooperation and in partnership. thank you, mr. president for the hospitality. >> thank you very much. okay, we've got two questions each, i think, from u.s. and afghan press and then we'll start with scott wilson of washington post. >> mr. president, does moving up the deadline for the transition to an afghan security you'll be winding down u.s. troops faster tan you expected this year and as specifically as possible, how many troops do you expect to leave in afghanistan beyond 2014 for the two missions you outlined and would you consider leaving any troops in afghanistan beyond that date with
? a majority of americans or an overwhelming majority of americans? it is friday, january 11th, and this is "now." joining me today former deputy white house press secretary and, wait for it, it's coming, bill, money bunny for the obama campaign. >> still. >> bill burton of priorities usa action. nbc news political analyst, former pennsylvania governor and current governor of "now" ed rendell, msnbc contributor and queen bee joye reid, and buzz feed editor in chief the eternally buzzy ben smith. gun reform advocates knew that introducing any kind of firearm safety laws would be met with a fight, but did they expect actual battle cries? >> i'm here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms. doesn't matter how many lemons you get on the street begging for them to have their guns taken. we will not relinquish them. do you understand? >> just hours before vice president biden met with representatives of the nra yesterday, he spoke for the first time about some of the ideas gaining traction, including universal background checks and a ban on high capacity
, jack lew. jack lew who has one thing in common with president obama's last three presidential nominations, john kerry, chuck hagel and john brennan they are all white males. does the president have a diversity problem? hey, we'll get into that. afterall, he is the first african-american president. but first the latest out in los angeles, here she is with today's current news update, lisa ferguson. hi, lisa. good morning. >> hey bill. good morning everyone. vice president joe biden continues his talks on gun control today. he's meeting at 2:15 this afternoon with representatives from the video gaming community along with researchers who study the effects of simulated violence on young kids. last night's meeting with the hollywood entertainment industry went relatively well according to representatives at the meeting. they said the industry appreciates being included in the dialogue and looks forward to doing its part in seeking meaningful solutions. it still is not quite clear though what more washington can do to force tv shows and movies to temper the violence. >>> as for yes
] >> coming up next, president obama's announcement for jack lew to become the next treasury secretary. >> friday marked the 11th anniversary of the opening of the guantanamo bay. coming up, the american foundation hosts a discussion on the present's pledge to close the facility. live, here on c-span. >> if you ask how many self identify as libertarians, depending on which poll, you might get 10% or 15%. if you give people a battery of questions about different ideological things, and then you track those to different ideologies, then you get up to 30% of americans. if you ask the following question, are you economically conservative social liberal, you get over half of americans calling themselves. just because people say these things, it does not necessarily mean they really believe that. if you ask most americans if they want smaller government, they say yes. spend less money, yes. they do not want to cut anything though. it is not sure -- it is not clear there really believe in it. libertarians, if they were conscious and political, it could be a big movement. it could be a big gro
president obama trying to confiscate anybody's-- >> this is a constitutional right, a fundamental right. >> yeah, so. >> that americans have under the second amendment to be able to bear arms and to protect ourselves, thank god that she had-- >> do i have a right to walk the streets and feel safe. >> and her husband taught her what to do. >> are you afraid of her. >> no, afraid of a guy adam lanza. >> and save lives and protect people as well. in this instance you could have been looking at a mother with two babies-- >> should been looking at a situation with a woman with a .38 legally owned and properly trained. did what was necessary, nobody in america is arguing that. >> that's a total-- >> one bad guy doing something. >> we have a president that is threatening to use executive orders, which by the way he has done when he didn't have the right to make recess appointments he did it. didn't win on the dream act, did he it there and gave amnesty to people and a whole series of issues that even the government accountability office took issue with. what do you say if any changes-- first o
europe don't come crashing against american >>> "outfront" next, another school shooting. officials say a 16-year-old student entered a classroom with a shotgun and opened fire. >>> plus, is estrogen the answer for obama or are more women more problems. >>> and breaking news tonight, there is a flu epidemic in america, so why are hospitals overwhelmed, turning people away, and not prepared? let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, a school shooting. officials say a 16-year-old student armed with a shotgun entered a high school classroom in rural california today and opened fire. they say one student he shot is in critical condition tonight. he shot at a second student, but missed. the 16-year-old shooter is in police custody at this hour. our kyung lah is outside taft high school in taft, california. it's about 120 miles northwest of los angeles, as you see there. and kyung, what more can you tell us about the shooter and the possible motive? >> reporter: well, what we know is that first, police say he absolutely targeted those two boys, the
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